Players hit off from the Teeing ground, most players call it the "Tee". The player will use a golf ball tee to raise their ball to the height of their liking and then they use a golf club to hit the ball. Their goal is to hit the ball as far up the Fairway as possible. The Fairway is usually mowed grass, but may still be uneven. The golf green is an area of the course that is smooth and has very short neatly mowed grass. However, the green will usually have a slope on it to make it harder! Somewhere on the green is a hole with a flag sticking out of it. This is your target. When the player is lining up their shot another player will usually hold the flag stick. This is so the player taking the shot can line it up with the flag. Once the player has hit the ball with taylormade rocketballz iron s, the second player will remove the flag. Once all players have managed to get their golf ball in the hole, they record their scores and move onto the next hole. Around the course you will come across a number of obstacles that have been created by the course designers to make your game of golf a bit more challenging and memorable. The first obstacle is called the "Sand Bunker". This is an area of the course that resembles a sand pit, but they are not as much fun. The Sand Bunker is usually in a sunken area of the course and can have high sides to make it harder for you to hit the ball out. If the player hits their ball in a sand bunker, they will need to hit their ball out of it with taylormade rocketballz irons. The second obstacle is the "Water Hazard". A water hazard can be a small stream, a pond, or a lake. The water hazard brings the psychology of golf into play with taylormade rbz irons , and some players swear the water hazard has a magnetic pull that magically attracts their golf ball toward them. If the ball lands in a water hazard, most players will recover their ball and drop it as close as possible on the bank. If the player elects to do this they add a penalty of 1 to their score. The third obstacle are man made hazards, these can be immovable objects such as light posts or benches, or they can be movable items such as rakes, hoses or golf carts. If a player comes across a man made hazard they can elect to move the hazard, but they are not allowed to move their golf ball. If the golf ball is moved then a penalty shot of 1 is added to the players score with taylormade rbz irons. The fourth obstacle are natural hazards, these can be leaves, twigs, sticks, or stones. The player can move these natural hazards, but they are not allowed to move their golf ball. If the golf ball is moved a penalty shot of 1 is added to their score.
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