This is a personal story about a breakthrough I had at the driving range one day earlier this year. I was wrapping up practicing a move I've been working on that would really simplify my golf swing when a gentleman, a couple, and two more gentlemen walked out to hit balls on the range. As I was walking off the range and up to the clubhouse one of the gentleman asked if I was the pro there. I told him that I wasn't but I did teach. He told me I had a nice and simple looking swing, and that he wishes his was as simple as mine looked. I told him I'd watch him hit a couple of balls and see if I could suggest something. Those were the best and most productive words I uttered this year. He hit a couple of balls with his 8 iron that were solid and pushed to the right, he then hit a couple more that did the same thing. I hesitated, and thought a minute about a process of learning the golf swing that I was working on, Bingo... I told him to try a move that I'd been working on earlier, and I demonstrated it for him. He said he'd try it and after a couple of practice swings beside the ball, he stepped in, did exactly what I demonstrated and hit a big draw with burner 2.0 irons . I noticed he had the club face slightly closed at address which I told him to square up and try it again. Crack... three in a row with a little draw. Hearing the excitement in his voice after each ball his friend, the couple, and the other gentleman stopped hitting and watched. Four more, the last one was dead straight and almost hit the flag he was aiming at. He then turned to me, and about this time I had everyone's attention that was on the range, and asked me "What did I do?" I told him that I simplified his backswing and his move through the ball with a feeling I had him feel throughout his swing with clubs from burner 2.0 irons for sale online shop. He then took his 5 iron out and hit three balls solid and straight and he hit one thin. He then took a couple of smooth practice swings and hit three more solid with a little draw. To make a long breakthrough short, I had the remaining people on the range hitting it straighter with the same simple move. What was it?
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