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An Exposure of Kobe Bryant From Several Aspects

Utworzony przez juanxuanli, 17 października 2012 o 12:40
Kobe is a remarkable figure in the basketball. After the analysis of him, we can have an understanding of his unique quality. Kobe is sensitive in the touch of hands. When he was still a child, he was excellent in the dribble. As he was not tall when he was a junior school student, he began his particular training in the skills on hand like dribbling at back or cross dribbling. And the excellent mastery of slam dunk and rebounding has already been done before he entered the NBA. When he has done the special training in the jump shot and three point shot, the statistics on his comprehensive skill of Kobe Bryant Shoes have been improved. Every time when it comes the sports competition season, he would pay more attention to the training of hands on sense and variation. If the ball is in his hand, he would always make the rivals at a loss by controlling the tempo effectively. For many times he has done successfully in the distraction of the defenders' attention through long time's holding and dribbling the ball. The defenders would lose their tempo in the court as Kobe has the ability to deal with the space between himself and the defenders. He possesses the ability to have a breakthrough among all the defenders and make a shot surprisingly. And from the breakthrough to the slam dunk, all are performed in a fluent and natural way. In addition, he is excellent in the use of the movements of eyes to mislead the rivals' deed. Thus, when the rivals have expressed a sense of sluggishness, his attack will be done. He began to know the importance of compromise. He began to place reliance to his teammates. And his compromise has made him received a gift of a big man as a companion from the management layer. He got a buddy now, a buddy who he could fight shoulder by shoulder. And he is able to lead his team on to the path of glory now. He himself has got several MVP. He has become the man who is next to the god of basketball. The critics now have changed the style and bestowed to him the praise in a momentum as the waves. However, time has crawled to him secretly. He would like to break out all his energy and to catch up the god in the basketball. But he had come into a collapse. But he is no longer the teen of testiness. He keeps on practising in his own training room. He knows quite well that time is little for him. He wants to exploit the remaining year to make the most Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 to the folks. And he shows no interest to the criticism. The arrival of the independent year in life has presented a much more mature Kobe. Kick off. The shouting of the folks was in a boiling state. A gust of coldness was flowing in Kobe's heart when the ball was passed to him. It should be a shot he had been used to for long. For many years, he had been running and practising on the basketball court. The muscles on him have a well reflection of his skillfulness of the act. The act was so easy that even with the eyes covered he could perform. However, time was fleeting. He was stared by Stockton as the rat by the hawk. Kobe had a dribbling with a conscious mind. There was no time to be wasted. At the age of 17, Kobe entered the NBA. He was a boy of great aspiration and passion then. But for the folks, he was just a kid. The folks had not thought that he could be a backbone of the league. And that was why he could be sold by the Hornets randomly. Now let us have a look at his performance in the NBA. He kept a low profile for two years. And glories and honors came one after another then. And the folks are able to have an appreciation of the marvellous performance of his and Shark. He has been a closer and closer distance to the god of basketball. He had a stronger and stronger feeling that the ok assembly was a fetter to him. He keeps on showing his extremely marvellous talents. The Nike Air Max Lebron VII Low keeps on presenting his legendary figure. He has stirred up excitement and surprise waves after waves. And his autograph Kobe shoes have become a decent collection for his fans. From:
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