iPhone Yehao Android worth mentioning that users apply the “Wanhua” lines “you do not kill him today, and tomorrow he will kill you”, the bilateral camp in recent days described the tense atmosphere was very appropriate. When the two sides to a small number iphone5 価格   of irrational when arguing a red face, why not from a positive point of view about this? I believe the reason there are many friends (and even many of my friends are two phones have even have 12 of each platform), so have temporarily receded into the background, quietly watching all this cold. Borrowing GIZMODO website picture (source URL), GIZMODO of users in 2010/3/26 photographed Google CEO Schmidt and Apple CEO Jobs, coffee gossip?Countertop you like a knife blade cutting the bone (like to be taken, the momentum must not be input), but in private might be a good wine made to join buddy? Who knows? But is the mobile phone, if that phone can be finished so that its growth after the 100% husband wife call each other every day Honey, absolutely, iphone 5   “before or since those” perfect machine king! Apple recently announced that, iPad product from April 3 to present a formal sales less than 60 days, sales had reached 200 million, which means that Apple has not only achieved the success of product sales, but also indicates that flat-panel products have been obtained user acceptance, the prospect of flat-panel market is still very much favored. Apple iPadPositive Apple’s sales on the iPad satisfied, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said: users around the world are now experiencing the iPad brought new experience, and as we love the15インチMacBook Pro 2.7 GHz Retinaディスプレイ   Apple iPad. We are very grateful to the user’s patience, we will continue to get more people to have Apple iPad. Photo By:   iPad back for the aluminum alloy Up to now, Apple iPad product has been in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK market, in July and later this year, will start selling in other countries to further expand the iPad products sales. Currently the developer has iPad developed more than 5,000 applications, iPad, high-quality multi-touch screen, users can experience high-quality operation. 15インチMacBook Pro 2.4 GHz Retinaディスプレイ   also said Apple’s application shop for iPad launch 200 000 applications, including the iPhone and iPod touch products have applications.    
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