Identification Jade Cat Market there is a cat's eye cabochon glass fiber sales, set in gold or silver ring, people Zhenjiamobian. The differential method is that when the rotating ring surface, the fake cat curved tip can also occur several light band, while only a true cat. Fake cat eyeliner dull, while the real cat's eye eyeliner flexible sheets together. True cat's eye color mostly yellow or greenish brown, fake cat is color, variety, red, blue, green and other colors. pearl jewelry set Chrysoberyl is a hardness second only to diamond, ruby ??and sapphire gems. And varieties of chrysoberyl alexandrite and opal, these three gems are very beautiful, and because of the extremely rare, so the price is very expensive. In chrysoberyl contains internally developed the vacuum-like inclusions chrysoberyl impose Kaposi Johnson after cutting, there is the effect of color variations opal. Jadepearl sale,cheap jewelry sale Some people say, go with a color filter according to a Dow emerald green, if it turns red, you can explain this piece of jade is dyed, no color is true color. This statement is very mechanical, is parroting understanding. Dow is a color film, color filter that allows only nihao2013808 the red and orange light through. Jade staining fuel used is generally containing chromium salts, when it is in high concentrations it will glow red in the Dow a red color filter on the show. But if the color is not deep dyed, the chromium concentration is not high, the Dow reddish color filter, difficult to observe. In addition, natural green jade sometimes contain small amounts of substances emit red light, so use Dow emerald green color filter to be carefully observed to analyze, it will be indicative but not conclusive judgment. jewelery stores So emerald green and natural dyed green in the end what difference will it make? Dyed jade know the reason, and the reason why there are natural jade green, white, purple, is due to the grain itself is composed of emerald green, white and purple. So we see a natural emerald color, it is impossible to separate the colors and crystal boundaries, and dyed jade, its original crystal is no color, the dip dye into the emerald crystals along intergranular voids or some minor cracks and penetrate, and therefore there will be color and crystal clear demarcation.  
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