Lakers this summer, NBA Draft 32nd overall pick of Europe inside Zu Baci, the 19 year-old teenager has been a Lakers fan, wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey grew up, he also said that in Europe the period, their buy nba 2k17 mt capacity is limited, after entering the NBA will release the full potential. Before entering the NBA, Zuba Ci has always been a Lakers fan, he was wearing a Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace jersey growing up, and now, let it go to the NBA dream come true, when the Lakers in the NBA draft on buy nba 2k17 mt after selected Zuba Ci, and even at that moment so difficult for him to believe that, "Oh, no, what are you talking about? that's what I was asked then." Zu Baci said, "Go CHEAP nBA 2K17 MT COINS been playing my dream, especially for the Lakers even more so, because they have a great history, I have been a fan of the Lakers. " Zuba Ci admits, draft night make their dream come true, and now he stood on the buy nba 2k17 mt a new stage. "It's hard to imagine I was able to enter the NBA, because many people are still playing in Europe, has not even played in the Champions League, everyone wants to play NBA, election night show coming this moment, the dream came true." Zu Baci said. . Due to foot surgery and ligament injuries, Zuba Ci is not smooth in Europe buy nba 2k17 mt, before his career two seasons missed most of the game, it is important, as the team reuse veteran, he the playing time is also a lot of compression, completely different now with the Lakers, coach Luke - Wharton is representative of the Young Turks, he Appreciating use features also make Zu Baci get more opportunities. "Here, I can show my characteristics." Zu Baci said, "In Europe, I play is limited, and I do not have time to play, when I get playing time, they told me to do this, do those, where you can only listen to the coach. and here, they only need me on the court CHEAP NBA 2K17 MT COINS can help the team. " In the summer league this year, the Zu Baci demonstrated its perimeter, CHEAP NBA 2K17 MT COINS passing and good movement, which he began to develop in the direction of Pau, precisely because of the Almighty technology, Gasol was selected in the 2015 NBA team. Today, Zuba Ci also can not wait and want to fight NBA big men, including Cousins, Mark - Gasol et al. "NBA in, we have to do many different things." Zu Baci said, "In Europe, you need to repeat CHEAP NBA 2K17 MT COINS do one thing, until better, but here, you can involved in every aspect of the game. "
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