decorations to guide the warm because the mirror has the effect of reflection, easy to hinder the family's fortune; poor wealth, opportunities for loss. Wang should be placed to promote the fortune of the mascot, the best way is to plant a broad-leaved green plants with vitality. 14, the living room if the beam across the ceiling should be decorated to cover the living room if the beam, will form a sense of oppression, people tend to sit under the beam tension, and fortune weak. As soon as possible to cover the beams in the sandwich ceiling. It is best not to have beams in the living room, if it can not be avoided, through other means to hide ~ 15, the living room should be more use of circular shape decorations living room family and friends together, the most in need of creating a lively and harmonious atmosphere. Round is a positive, dynamic symbol, so the circular lighting, smallpox shape, as well as decorations to guide the warm, lively atmosphere.Now air-conditioning is an essential household goods, there are a variety of functions on the market of air conditioning, ideas for covering an old concrete stoop composite outdoor kitchen cabinets outdoor rugs for screened sunrooms decorative pvc gypsum ceiling board
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