Here are the key elements to any golf swing. Before you begin your golf swing you want to relax. Take a couple of deep breaths and get a mental image in your mind of your golf swing and where you want your golf ball to go. Then grip your golf club firmly, but not tightly. Continue to visualize your golf swing. As you take the club back in your backswing, make sure it is in a smooth one piece takeaway. Take it back until your hands are at the top of your right ear. If you look at the PGA pros you will notice that the club head is almost at a 90 degree angle at the top of their backswing. Next, as you begin your downswing let your hips begin to move around first. This will give you the power in your golf swing you're looking for. Your arms will immediately follow your hips and carry the Cheap Golf Clubs down through the golf ball and toward the target. As you follow through do not stop your golf swing. Be sure to let your body continue in one fluid motion. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind while focusing on your swing thoughts: o Your left elbow should remain straight as you take the Cheap Golf Clubs back during your backswing. o Keep your wrists at a 90 degree angle as your left arm remains parallel to the ground. o Always begin your downswing using your hips and lower body, not your shoulders. This is a vital point. o As you start bringing the club down, turn your hips in one powerful motion towards your intended target. o Just as you are about to strike the golf ball with Cheap Golf Clubs, snap your wrists and begin your follow through. This will help you to generate greater power. o On your follow through your right arm should end up near your left shoulder. o Your feet should always be balanced throughout the golf swing. There is no set golf swing for everyone. You can't just pick up Cheap Golf Clubs and swing it at the golf ball as hard as you can. There are just so many different variables in developing a consistent golf swing.
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