Donald admits "a major is missing"     Despite his World No 1 ranking, his host of awards and the acolades showered on him by his peers, Duke Donald admits that a major is missing from his CV. The unassuming Englishman made this clear on Tuesday after being voted the 2011 PGA Tour Player of the Year by by his peers on the US circuit who were obviously swayed by the fact that in winning the best price i20 irons title in the Race To Dubai on Sunday, he had achieved an historic first by winning the money titles on both sides of the Atlantic in the same year. He said: "I think there will always be a little bit of an asterisk against my name until I win a major, but I'll be trying very hard to correct that (in 2012). "Obviously something that is missing from my resum is a major and I'll continue to concentrate on trying to focus my efforts on that requirement and , giving it my best shot. "I would love to win i20 irons for sale , obviously, and I'm jealous of all the other players that have one." When asked why he thought it had not yet happened for him,Donald said: "I suppose there's a little bit more pressure, a little bit more expectation in majors and I need to learn to better handle that. "Obviously this year has been a breakout year for me in terms of my confidence levels, AP2 712 Individual Irons and Wedges and hopefully those confidence levels will be carried over to next year and will serve me well in the majors." Having finished in the top 10 of 20 of the 26 tournaments he has contested so far this year and winning four of them, it is no surprise that the Englishman is planning a similar schedule in 2012. "I'm going to play a very similar schedule," he confirmed. "I'll be playing both tours again with my titleist 712 ap2 for sale . "Obviously with the Ryder Cup year, again, it's nice to be a member of both tours, and I'm looking forward to earning some points and hopefully getting on that European side.
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