When at a local golf course or when on vacation at a fabulous resort it was difficult. My own experience led me to research the availability of finding the correct left- handed golf clubs. Left-handed golf clubs have gained popularity in the past several years. Seventy-five percent of our game is from 100 yards out. There is even less of a variety of short irons and putters for the left-handed golfer. The rarity of left handed golf clubs caused a lot of golfers to switch. Would you believe that we lefty's are the envy of the right- hander because of our natural hook? The popularity of left handed golfers like Mike Weir who won the US Masters in 2003 and Phil Mickelson who won it in 2004 and Australian Nick'Ohern and many others has prompted the manufacturers to gear up and make left handed discount golf clubs . For many years left-handed golf clubs had been hard to find. Now every major manufacturer makes them, though limited. They can even be custom made. However, the biggest issue for left handed players is variety. Most of the manufacturers make only a few left-handed clubs since only 13% of golfers are lefty's. One of the golf companies does offer almost a full range of left-handed golf clubs. They offer a full variety of drivers through short irons and putters. As we know, these short irons are the key to lowering your handicap. Forget about hitting long drives with discount golf clubs. Top tour professionals know they will stay on top of their game as a result of their short game. Know the secrets of the short game with the correct left-handed golf club and your game suddenly becomes easy. Do you have trouble having your ball hold on the green when you are 10-50 yards away? Isn't it annoying to have the ball hit the green and roll off of into the rough or even better into a bunker? Proper backspin is essential for us amateur left-handed golfers. I've lowered my handicap with the short irons and so can you. I have also gotten the opportunity to discuss left-handed golf clubs with many left handed professionals. Being a lefty is no longer a burden. Get out there and show those ney sayers your stuff!
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