There's no perfect rhythm for golf. You can play at a fast pace or you can play it at a slower pace-and still play it well. How quickly or slowly you play doesn't necessarily matter as far as your golf handicap is concerned. Unless, of course, you're playing at breakneck speed or you play at an absolute crawl. Then, mistakes can happen. Otherwise, you can play quickly or slowly and still do well. In fact, you'll probably find as many players with low golf handicap who play the game slowly as you do who play the game quickly. What matters, as I've said before in my golf tips, is playing the game at your natural rhythm. Rest assured, everyone has his or her own natural rhythm. If you like to take your time with things, you probably like to play at a moderate pace. If you like to zip through things, you probably like to play with rbz stage 2 driver at a faster pace. The key is not to let what's happening on the course affect your natural rhythm. When that happens, you often lose both your rhythm and your timing. To trash scoring barriers, you should try to maintain your natural rhythm through the whole round Find Your Rhythm Early To squeeze the most out of your game on any given day, work on getting into a nice rhythm early. If you use a pre-round routine and stick with it throughout the season, it makes getting into a rhythm easier. Of course, following a pre-round routine every time is difficult. Players taking golf lessons often say they don't have the time to go through a pre-round routine. But if you're serious about lowering your golf handicap with rbz stage 2 driver review , you'll make time for it. A pre-round routine prepares you mentally and physically for the challenges ahead. Play When Ready In addition to a pre-round routine, always use a pre-shot routine. A good pre-shot routine is critical to playing with consistency. The tendency when your playing a match is to speed up mentally, especially when you're under pressure. This tendency breaks your rhythm, throwing you off with 913 titleist driver . It also creates tightness in your hands and arms. When you're tight, it's harder to fell your rhythm. You start making mistakes. A good pre-shot routine relaxes you, calms you down, and encourages rhythm. Never play a shot before you're ready. Use A Metronome For Putting Another critical area is putting. It's just as important to build rhythm for putting prior to a round as it is for making a full swing. Actually, it might be more important, since nearly 30 percent of your shots on any given day are putts with 913 d3 driver for sale . So in addition to taking swings at the practice range, hit the putting green. One way to build rhythm in your putting is to practice with a metronome-a device for keeping beats in music. Use this device to practice your putting stroke. If you really want to refine your game, here's a solid golf tip: Play at your natural rhythm. It improves your scores and your golf handicap.
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