With chipping, unlike driving, the difficulty is in deciding how far you should hit it. Many amateur golfers just pull out the pitching wedge, aim for a few feet in front of the cup, and swing. You might as well be trying to make the ball land directly in the cup. When chipping, no more than half the distance the ball travels should be through the air. The rest should be on the ground, rolling. This is because the only part you can control is how far you hit the ball. The less distance you have to hit the ball, the fewer mistakes can be made. "But how," you ask "am I going to make the ball roll more than half the distance to the cup with my pitching wedge from 30 or 40 yards out?" The answer is that you probably can't, but you can use different clubs. Just because you're making a chip shot doesn't mean you have to use your pitching wedge. You can use clubs as high as your 6-iron when you're making a golf chip shot with r11 irons . You should use your pitching wedge when you are very close to the green, either on the lip of the green or just a little bit back. In these cases, you should try to hit the ball halfway to the cup and let it roll the other half, taking into account factors like the incline of the green and whether it is playing fast or slow on the given day. If you're using your 6-iron, you should attempt to hit the ball one-quarter of the way to the cup and let it roll the other three quarters. Because you're using a higher club, the ball will get less height and will travel on a trajectory closer to the ground. Therefore, it will roll further when it meets the ground. If you are using a club between the 6-iron and the pitching wedge, you should adjust accordingly. This is an important tip to execute the golf chip shot with taylormade r11 irons . Remember, when it comes to chipping, the more roll you can get on the shot, the more control you have over the shot. Choosing the right club and then how far to hit the ball with that club is half the battle when it comes to your golf chip shot.
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