Afterwards you will see how easy it is to do this on a Plastic Cup regular basis (possibly once a week) so your refrigerator will always be packed with healthy lunch choices. This will hopefully inspire you to think of other meal ideas you can prepare once a week that can potentially yield 10+ meal portions which will last you for a number of days depending on how many mouths in your family you have to feed. For this meal a 2.5 pound pot roast was purchased for $11 along with 5 small red potatoes for $1.50 and a 1 pound bag of carrots for $1. After marinating the meat, dicing the potatoes and carrots and putting it all in an oven pan with a 1/2 cup of water and covering with the lid for 90 minutes. Presto a savory pan that you and your family will enjoy. But the excitement doesn't stop there! The leftover slices of meat are what's going to provide you with easy-to-whip-together meals. The food listed above cost only $13 but like previously mentioned, a total of $20 was needed to create all 10 meal portions. Therefore an additional $7 was spent on a small bag of shredded mozzarella Map Tray cheese ($2.49), a loaf of multi-grain 45 calorie per slice bread ($3), and some spinach ($1.50).
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