The slice is a shot that curves frustratingly to the right. It is the most common fault in golf. The slice occurs because the golfer imparts some left to right sidespin to the ball in addition to backspin. This is caused by hitting the ball with the clubface aimed to the right of the direction in which the club is being swung.   The fundamental cause of the slice with taylormade r11 driver is the clubface being open at impact. When I say this, I mean the clubface is open to the swing path. Another way to put it is that your clubface is looking right of the direction in which your clubhead is moving. Your clubface can be perfectly square toward your target, but if you are cutting across the ball, you are going to get a slice.   Whilst you may not always suffer from a slice with  taylormade rocketballz fairway wood, you may still be keen to fix the milder form called the fade. This happens when the golfer does hit the ball along the direction line but due to an open clubface they impart left to right spin resulting in it curving to the right.   You need to review your hand position at the top of your golf swing with callaway x-24 hot irons. Look up to your hands and ideally you will only see two knuckles on your left hand and one on the right. Moreover there should either be a straight line along the wrist and the back of the left hand, or perhaps a small inward bend of the left hand with the right wrist sitting firmly under the shaft. If you find the left wrist under the shaft you will have inadvertently opened the club face.   Once you have the correct grip and the right wrist under the shaft you can guarantee you will have a square club face. Furthermore this correct position will lead to a square club face at impact.   To make the necessary corrections to your golf slice you need to need aware of your club face, is it open or square and the plane and direction of your swing. You may need to look at both of these issues or just the one in order to cure your golf slice.
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