Apple's iTunes offers over 28 million songs, more than 1 million podcasts, and a bunch of TV shows, movies, music videos, and audiobooks. It's all a part of Apple's seamless ecosystem, but what happens if you want to leave the walled garden? Do you have to leave all your entertainment behind? We all know that Apple and Google don't play nice in the marketplace, but what does that mean for people with a big iTunes collection and an Android device? Don't worry. There are ways to get your iTunes content onto your Android smartphone or tablet . We're going to outline some methods you might try and suggest a couple of apps that can help. What do you want? To begin, you'll need to work out what's important to you. Do you just want to move the content out of iTunes and make it available for your Android device, or do you want to continue to use iTunes and be able to sync iTunes to your Android phone ? Are you just going after music files or do you want a solution for movies too? Do you have older DRM protected files? How dirty are you prepared to get those hands? Up until 2009, Apple sold DRM protected music files through iTunes, which means they will only work on an iOS device. If your song is labeled “Protected” in iTunes then it falls under this banner. You'll also find that movies and TV episodes are still DRM protected. Removing DRM protection In typical Apple style you can "upgrade" old DRM protected songs to remove the restrictions, but they'll charge you 30 cents per song to do it. If you're willing to pay that amount, then look for the Upgrade to iTunes Plus option under Quick Links in the iTunes store. There's no option to do this for movies or TV shows. If you have a lot of tracks in this category then the iTunes Match service might be more cost effective at $25. It will also upgrade your songs to DRM free status. You can always find software to convert your iTunes files. There are a lot of options out there. You might try something like Aovsoft Media Converter . There is also a popular free option called Requiem, which is designed specifically to remove DRM protection from iTunes files. Just make sure you get the right version to match your iTunes version. We'll take a look at how to play iTunes music on your Android device now, but remember that none of the following methods will allow you to copy or sync those DRM protected files. How to get iTunes on Android? [*] How to get iTunes on Android Tablet and Smart phone? [*] XAVC to ProRes Converter-Convert Sony XAVC to Apple ProRes for FCP [*] Install Flash Player on Android devices [*] Which Blu-ray Ripper should I choose - 2013? [*] XAVC to iMovie Converter-import XAVC to iMovie 11 [*] How to edit HDS-V10 MXF video in FCP X? [*] How to import Canon T5i Video to Final Cut Pro X? [*] Import Sony HXC D70K video files to FCP X [*] Extracting Sound from SWF and Converting SWF [*] Sony HDR-AX2000 MTS Converter
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