Androids are sweeping the world, the dominating yet still growing market share suggests that many people are switching from other platforms to android. If you were once an iPhone/iPod user who spent a fortune on iTunes for movie and audios, this switching process could be painful. How to play iTunes movies on Android? Can I install iTunes on Android? Movies bought from iTunes are incorporated with DRM protection which dictates that the file could only be played on devices with iTunes/QuickTime installed. Android doesn't have iTunes or QuickTime and it is highly unlikely that apple will release an iTunes app for its archenemy in the foreseeable future, so it leaves to us users to protect the rightful use of our digital assets, by making the iTunes movies playable on android. Program like the DRM media converter is an integrated software solution to remove DRM from iTunes movie file and convert it to android compatible type. After conversion, the DRM embedded iTunes movie will just like other common file types, which android will have no trouble to play. Download DRM media converter, install and start the software. Video conversion is relatively computing intensive, it would be better if you are reading this article on your pc, iPad won't cut it. Import iTunes movie files. Set output file format as mp4, choosing what kindl of file format to output comes down to personal preference, mp4 is deemed to be an all-rounder because its ability to keep the file size relatively small without losing much video quality, both are important features for an android portable devices such as a Galaxy S4 or nexus 7 tablet.Convert iTunes movie to android. After the conversion process is completed, transfer the files to your android devices with USB cable, without the encumbering iTunes. Tip: If you want to play iTunes Audiobook on Android, you can read this guide: Converting iTunes Audiobook to MP3 for Android Phone.Frequently asked questions Is there any usability issues of the software regarding different android phones? The converted movie files are just regular mp4 videos, apart from the DRM thing, android is pretty powerful in handling different kinds of files. No matter it is a Galaxy S4, a HTC one or a Galaxy tab 10.1, they will have no trouble to play mp4 movies. What about iTunes rentals? Technically, yes, this software is capable of turning the rentals to a common video just like another videos on your hard drive, but it is not recommended, you certainly can keep the movies you paid for and owned the way as you see fit, but making iTunes rented movies permanently reside on hard drive is not how we do things. I am an amazon prime member, as far I am concerned, the amazon instant app for android is just terrible and downright useless, the downloaded amazon movies are also DRM protected, I can only watch them on a pc, is there any way that I can put the amazon video on my android? Yes, DRM media converter for android is able to convert downloaded amazon videos to common video files like mp4, MOV... just import the amazon wmv files to DRM media converter, set output video format and convert, then you will be able to put the amazon video on android.  
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