How to play iTunes movies on RoKu 3? Roku is easily the most capable set-top TV box for its various content offering, accessibility and easy to use interface. The problem is, if you have ever owned an iPhone, iPad or mac, chances are good that you have a collection of movies purchased from iTunes store. But Roku doesn’t support streaming from iTunes, luckily, Roku is capable of playing videos right from a USB flash drive or a SD card, the only thing we need to do is to convert the iTunes movie to regular video format that supported by Roku USB channel playback. Since iTunes movie are DRM embedded files, if you are not familiar with the idea of DRM, this is a quick guide. DRM is invented for fighting piracy, but nowadays it becomes more of a tool for corporates fighting each other, amazon’s instant video downloads can’t be played on mac or anything other than a windows machine. Naturally, iTunes movie can’t be directly played on Roku, a company owned by amazon. So, to play iTunes movies with Roku, the DRM needs to be removed. This is a tutorial about how to remove iTunes movie DRM and convert iTunes movie to Roku USB channel supported file format. 1. Download iTunes to RoKu 3 converter, the software supports to convert iTunes movie to regular video formats like mp4 and MKV, formats that supported by Roku USB channel playback. 2. Start DRM media converter and add iTunes movie files. 3. Click profile menu and set output file format as mp4 or MKV, Roku USB channel support video playback of mp4 and MKV, but mp4 is considered to be a relatively superior file format since its ability to compress the video while keep the video quality. 4. Convert iTunes movie to Roku 3 USB channel supported file format  
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