Within the golf driver swing, clean hits depend mainly on the stance, golf ball positioning inside the tee box, the backswing and the downswing. When you have a tendency to bend over too much during the backswing and then you do not return to the normal position at impact, this can result in a thin shot. When you are positioned too close to the ball, then your angle of attack becomes too sharp and may result in a fat shot. Also, if you ever move too much laterally or parallel to the target line during the driver swing, you'll end up striking a fat shot. In a fat shot, the club head typically strikes the ground first after which it makes contact with the golf ball resulting in a lot less energy being transferred to the golf ball and resulting in a much shorter shot. In addition, if you have a tendency to squeeze your body or straighten your back while you're within your downswing, it is going to lead to a thin hit or even a topped hit. If sometimes, your hips move forward and backward or sideways, then this may also result in a thin hit. Usually fat or thin hits are generally seen whenever the body is under a great deal of tension, and this produces a misinterpretation of the distance between the golf ball and the golf club. Stance: It is necessary to take your position using the correct distance between the golf ball and yourself, nonetheless you should not be too close or too far from the golf ball with Cheap Golf Clubs . There should be more than enough space between your body and the golf ball to make sure that the golf club can swing freely as well as smoothly. Typically, the best distance between you and the golf ball is established by maintaining the head of the club just over the ball while inclining the golf shaft towards your body. The top part of the golf grip on the club shaft really should be at a length of around 5 to six inches from your belt. At the same time, the shaft line ought to concur with the left-hand up towards the shoulder. In addition, make sure the furthermost point of the arc produced with the Cheap Golf Clubs throughout the golf swing is just in front of the golf ball to protect yourself from fat, thin or topped hits.
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