Sony F65 has grabbed great popularity since it was released. It comes with a higher resolution than any previous digital motion picture camera. It ships the unique capabilities of Sony鈥檚 20 megapixel Super 35 image sensor, an 8k CMOS double Bayer pattern sensor with a native sensitivity of 800 ASA. It can record videos up to 120fps. Recording 4K(4096* 2160) video is very easy with this Sony F65, there is no need to talk much about the 4K video now. But one thing need to be mentioned, it is not so easy to edit raw 4K videos. for example , this Sony F65 records videos in MXF format, which is not friendly to Mac FCP, iMovie or other editing apps. If you get a F65 and want to edit the footage in FCP, you need some third-party apps to convert the MXF files to FCP compatible formats first. Here is the solution. MXF Converter for Mac, being specially developed to convert MXF footage to common video format with no quality loss, is highly recommended here to convert Sony F65 MXF files to FCP. According to the specs of FCP X, the latest FCP supports 4K video, and the MXF Converter introduced here can output 4K videos with ease, that means, it can remain the original 4K resolution after conversion. Have a try. 1. Load Sony F65 MXF files to the Converter Free download the MXF Converter Mac,run it. drag and drop the MXF files to the program. you can add multiple files to the app at one go for batch conversion is supported. Tip: this app enables to split, join/merge, crop videos, you can do such editing according to your need. 2. Choose output format for FCP Apple ProRes MOV is the optimized preset for Final Cut Pro, here you just need to choose “Final Cut Pro”->”Apple ProRes 422(*.mov)”as output format. You can also choose other ProRes MOV, which is smaller in size, if you prefer. If you need to convert Sony F65 MXF to iMovie, you can alter to “iMovie” column which optimizes video format output for iMovie. 3. Start to convert Sony F65 MXF to FCP Hit the “Convert” button to start converting Sony F65 MXF files to Final Cut Pro. The process may take a while for 4K videos are too large. You can let the cute MXF Converter Mac do the rest job itself. When the conversion is done, a message will pop up to direct you to open the folder to find the converted files, then you can import them to FCP to edit.
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