Super waterproof new waterproof materials come out Most of our waterproofing projects are used traditional waterproof materials, the traditional waterproof material there is resistance to aging performance, low tensile strength, temperature sensitivity and other shortcomings. Used to roof waterproof, easy to cause aging, chaos, deformation, breaking, stratification and so on. Used for indoor waterproof, for the complex shape of the place, the construction of difficult, and the leakage phenomenon, the quality is more difficult to guarantee. People spend a lot of money every day and the labor force to repair. artificial wood in the philippines Not only disturb the people's normal life, work, production order, but also directly affect the life of the entire building. Nm super flexible waterproof material is China and jointly developed a new waterproof material, the product in Europe and other developed countries have been widely used. Products not only excellent waterproof performance, more non-toxic environmental protection, construction and other advantages, is the best alternative to traditional waterproof materials, a broad market front. composite deck tiles in basement Nm super-flexible waterproof material for the water-based one-component, through the construction, curing after the formation of no seams overall waterproof layer. Physical and chemical properties, with the following characteristics: strong adhesion, material and cement base surface adhesive strength of up to 0.8mpa above the material has a good adhesive properties, cement, glass, ceramics, asbestos, plastic, metal and the original There are waterproof base surface and other substrates can be construction, only 1.5kg per square meter. wood plastic composite hdpe pvc pe Not limited to the workshop, in any rules or irregular open large base surface brush, scraping can form a continuous rubber waterproof layer. This product has a bright color, with a reflective function, completely change the black face of waterproof paint, can play a heat insulation, insulation and beautification effect. waterproof breathable fabric by the yard
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