Group Buying锛�Silver, Platinum, concentric, circular ring, women, fashion, small jewelry   $38.00   $38.00 0.82 $31.00   Time remaining锛� 6 D 6 H 6 M S sale1208   Delicate romanticism Headdress, compared with other parts of the jewelry, decorative strongest, most ornate headdress exquisite ancient woman is also an important part of hair, combed hair and use flowers to decorate BaoDian flower hairpin, flower hairpin where BaoDian including Bob , Washington, step shake, the hairpin and hair tin. Modern interpretation, becomes modern up weekdays in the pendant, earrings and even bracelets, can make a big fuss in the hair, of course, also thanks to the superb technique hairstyles, jewelry and hair to the lingering staged with great accuracy. Camellia irreplaceable position, whether it is fashion or fine jewelry, camellias elements everywhere. Coco Chanel beloved camellias, because her favorite lover Arthur Bowie Cobber send her first bouquet is the camellia. Camellia symbolizes unrestrained passion and romanticism, while elegant fresh yet noble temperament and unique, camellias is Chanel kingdom of the most important protagonists, classic simplicity camellias is well established declaration of love, but also entrusted with Coco Chanel to really moving and longing for love. In the senior jewelry series, camellias "kind" can be seen everywhere, simple and elegant golden flowers, carefully crafted diamond stack, or the exquisite and delicate openwork pattern, camellia flower brand series of outstanding works deduce, as telling the timeless classic Chanel camellia story in general. keywords:gold and silver jewelery, online pearl jewellery, crystal and gemstones jewellery sale, personality jewellery, vintage jewelry box  
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