I have seen it a hundred times, some guy will step up to the tee, take a half an hour preparing his golf swing and then boom! He shows off his beautiful swing to the entire course and makes it to the green. Then once on the green it takes him five strokes to get it in the hole because he can't putt to save his life. To put it simply, if you can't putt you will be nothing but an average golfer who enjoy playing with taylormade rocketballz driver . I don't care if you can belt the ball 300+ plus yards and have a swing like Tiger Woods. If you can't master the green like Tiger has, then you are no better than anyone else. One of the biggest keys to improving your short game is patience. Don't be overanxious while on the green, take your time, plan your shot with clubs from rbz driver for sale online shop and compensate for the terrain. Remember, golf is not a game of speed, there is no prize for who finishes first so always take your time before putting. Keep your arms steady and straight, bend your knees slightly and slowly tab the ball in the direction you want to go. No twisting or turning of the wrists, this will result in your putt going everywhere but in the hole.
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