Identification Sapphire Emerald Emerald And similar natural green emerald gemstones, synthetic emeralds,nihao2013808 fake difference. Similar to its natural green gems are fluorite, green tourmaline, apatite, jade, green sapphire, chromium vanadium grossular; artificial imitation of synthetic emeralds and emerald, beryl three stone, foil lining grandmother green, oiling emeralds. The differences are as follows: fluorite, microstrip blue-green, homogeneous body, jewelry boxes,antique jewelry hardness as small as 4, density 3.18 g / cc, more than emerald, blue fluorescence. Green tourmaline, dark blue green tourmaline treated to pure green, two-color and clear, high birefringence, 0.18, density. Apatite, apatite microstrip blue light green, a blue hue, smaller hardness was 5, the refractive index is higher, 1.632-1.667, UV phosphorescence. Jade, high-quality translucent emerald green jadeite over like emeralds, but Jade has woven fiber structure, with finer fibers, emerald no such structure. Besides chromium vanadium grossular [2], emerald green, homogeneous body, strong Asian adamantine luster. Synthetic emerald, flux growth method and hydrothermal synthesis, pearl jewelry set rich ruby ??color, strong red under ultraviolet fluorescence was bright red color filter. There beryl three stone emerald foil lining, oiling emeralds can be carefully observed and identified with emerald phase difference. Sapphire Natural sapphire color is often uneven, most with flat growth pattern. Synthetic sapphire color, the growth pattern of curved bands often visible shaped body with bread crumbs or beaded bubbles. Sapphire also has obvious dichroism, viewed from one direction is blue, the other direction was blue-green. jewelery stores The coloring of other gemstones and natural sapphire different, which can be distinguished. In addition, the easiest way available hardness measurement method, natural sapphire topaz can be scored on the traces, and other blue topaz gemstone difficult scored on a trace, so buy jewelry, if not around the instrument, as long as there is a topaz sometimes can solve some problems.  
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