Now passing attack has become the trend of NFL and the nfl jerseys . So successful team is need around a good enough quarterback organization attack. And need a solid and flexible enough to attack strike to protect quarterback. Of course, a successful team also need a can impact each other quarterback "monster" class player, he can keep each other quarterback pressure, destroy each other rhythm.Usually, these are the NFL team’s general manager, let they decided to the club's money should be spent on what position. Wide receiver, and ran front? They may be in the game is give prize performance, but if there is no quarterback, attacks strike and good raid quarterback hand as the foundation, run front, wide receiver performance could not have happened.In 2012, the league of the highest salary 10 players.Buy the cheap nike nfl jerseys .Among them there are eight people is Defensive End and quarterback. Colts perimeter Dwight Freeney from 2002 since the league, accumulative total capture gave 102 times to kill. In 2007 he contract, he can get $19 million this year. The second is the broncos defensive tackle Elvis Dumervil. This year is to $18.9 million.
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