Pink Foods For Breast Cancer Awareness Some of us are breast cancer survivors or know gkocvbdfjgodfjg7 a person who is currently fighting the disease. And the sad truth is that many of us have lost someone to breast cancer last year alone, 40,000 women died from the disease. Pink ribbons have become a universal symbol of awareness, support, and hope for the fight against breast cancer. Nike Free Run 2 In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, think pink. Liven up your plate, your snacks, and your meals with rosy hued foods. Here are five pink foods that not only carry the color of hope, but also contain nutrients known for their cancer fighting abilities. mnhdfjgh 3 yearsI know that intentions are good, but in regard to the title of this article, I feel I need to speak on behalf of the women with breast cancer whose voices and stories are rarely heard. These women, myself included, have Stage IV/metastatic breast cancer and there is nothing "rosy" about it. While we know the importance of awareness and early intervention, as well as the uncountable lives that the color pink and its campaigns have touched, those of us with metastatic breast cancer often feel very isolated, given up on, and even hidden behind the pink ribbon. We can not contribute to the survivor stories with happy endings. We are not survivors, we are warriors. We fight tirelessly for more time with loved ones, but know that with every new treatment we try, hoping it is one that works, it is one less in our arsenal. Eventually we will have exhausted all of our options and the battle will be lost. Cheap Nike Free Run Shoes Those of us fighting desperately against a disease that will ultimately claim our lives do not want to be warriors, we want to be survivors. We want to be cured!!! Womens Nike Free Run I am not in anyway suggesting we abandon the pink ribbon campaign, but it is time to take off the "rose" colored glasses. possible live saving treatments), we don't have a fighting chance.  
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