OAKLEY international dominance in addition to its streamlined beautiful appearance, and its functional exercise. As a sports brand, its main products are mainly including ski goggles, cross-country motorcycle goggles, golf series, leisure series and special five series, in addition to cotton hat, t-shirts, handbags and other peripheral products. Due to OAKLEY lenses manufactured PLUTONITE material, in addition to 100% block ultraviolet light and blue light is harmful to the eyesight, clarity more overtaking the United States ANSI industry standards. In addition, the anti-collision function with 12 mm cheap oakley sunglasses shotgun tested. Its different color have different reflective coating, can be transmitted between 7% and 96% of the light, with different needs. OAKLEY prescription sunglasses for the further market, also will be high quality frame with their movement developed degree shatterproof lenses PrescriptionProgram2001 series, except in accordance with the degree of face looked exactly and keep comfortable for a long time, can protect the eyes, but also because of the need to replace the sun glasses. The Oakley (America) by Jim Jannard and basketball great Michael Jordan in the United States was founded in 1975. Its patented lenses in addition to 100% block ultraviolet light and blue light is harmful to the eyesight, clarity more overtaking the United States ANSI industry standards. Oakley will also developed high quality motion frame with their shatter-proof new series sunglasses, prescription lenses come in addition to can in accordance with the face tailored and maintain a comfortable for a long time, can protect the eyes, but also because of the need to replace the sun glasses. Oakley sports goggles selects high impact patent materials, high strength, good heat adjustment, anti-allergic sex patent super soft pads, can absorb the impact of the largest. Activity, athletes can give full play to their own activity levels. So the world famous athletes are proud of with OAKLEY products to protect their eyes. Oakley on innovation has made science is rigorous, the single-minded pursuit of sculpture design and unique style to the challenge of the traditional thinking. Oakley brand has always been adhering to continuously seek opportunities to win, science and technology, the principle of art into the package, with excellent design, Oakley in the global has more than 600 patents and 600 registered trademarks, become a world-class brand. In today's hottest OAKLEY is a sport brand in the United States,cheap oakley sunglasses is all kinds of function of glasses, and casual wear, skiing, swimming, cycling, and track and field sports. OAKLEY has now started to develop the military field, the main production of military boots, gloves, goggles, goggles, etc. Series of OAKLEY's worth buying or glasses of what, is produced in the United States, the other the origin of the product is out of OAKLEY, well known in the United States over there the pedestrians on the street for about 20 have a wearing OAKLEY. The Cleveland brand since the beginning of the inception uphold the innovative motivation and passion, along with the brand continued to lead. In 1975, claim to be "mad scientists" scientific madman Jim Jannard (Jim Leonard Jane) using hand limited to $300, and dedication and unique ideas, break the existing rules, shabby garage lab at that time, research and development professional off-road motorcycles dedicated hand set. When motorcycle handle round rubber hose, no comfort, once stained with water will skid, Jim Jannard (Jim Leonard Jane) using new materials and unique decorative pattern design Unobtainium, enhance players when racing car hand in hand feeling and perspiration function. This is the first product of Oakley. This product won the two patents, Jannard established the Oakley brand with the innovative spirit of transcendence. [1] America has more than 600 patent technology, and constantly find problems and find solutions in the form of art. This unique philosophy let America become the most representative and most unique brand on the market, America's innovative technology to an optimum level of world-class athletes in competitive. America because of its excellent high-definition optical High Definition called (HDO) technology, this technology is applied to including sunglasses, optical glasses and ski glasses, etc. The qualicoat has from the world's leading sports glasses brand development in the sports clothing, shoes and accessories of the leading cheap oakley sunglasses sports brand. European products include men and women's professional sports series and active lifestyle. America is a Luxottica Group (nyse: LUX; the MTA code: LUX) subsidiaries. OAKLEY glasses concept subversion of glasses products, is it the glasses comfortable, practical, artistic fusion integral whole. Both in product design and selection of material, through a series of advanced scientific experiments and testing, to ensure that it is comfortable and high quality, highly integrated and make function and fashion. OAKLEY fashion Oakley "Simply put, the OAKLEY fashion is to the innovation, is to challenge all the rules of the burning passion, our enthusiasm of scientific and technological innovation interest and technically demanding precision requirements make OAKLEY has a unique set of science, art, not to challenge the cultural heritage of the traditional thinking, and very persistent." OAKLEY begin with it the deputy famous advanced sunglasses series shows us this kind of special enthusiasm. OAKLEY sunglasses have always leading in the field of science and technology, because the use of high-tech to make them over and over again beyond the limit, and is one of the world's top, engaged in different project athletes trial, in all possible situations imaginable for testing. "These athletes wear o Cleveland sunglasses, are worthy of respect." America think they represent the fashion spirit of America, and lists the Lance Armstrong as proof. Lance Armstrong (Lance Armstrong) is oakley eyewear outlet currently one of the most famous cyclist in the world, his legendary has been far from fashion or genius can be described. In the early 80 s he was an active triathlon athletes. In 1990 he began his racing career and became a OAKLEY athletes, a year after he won the U.S. amateur titles. In 1993, he became the world's youngest champion road and he cut a figure in the tour DE France. During the next 1996 years, the lance was diagnosed with testicular cancer cancer cells to spread to the lungs, then hit his brain, and lance in his former team no longer enjoy health insurance and no sponsor his financial support. Then the Cleveland signed an extension to his contract with lance America not only employed him as a formal staff and pay health insurance for him. Lance, never give up, and OAKLEY also never give up lance. Lance has completed the greatest recovery, in 1999 he won the tour DE France for the first time. For more than 5 years he gained at least five victories, he after a serious illness condition more than ever, become one of the most respect person in the world. He always use OAKLEY technology in the fierce competition, because he knew that OAKLEY, high-tech and perfect design can help him and also know that he has the same vision and OAKLEY  
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