How to Play iTunes Audiobook on Android tablet?This is a tutorial about how to transfer and play iTunes audiobook on android tablet. Android is sweeping through the world with its openness, customizability and a wide range of stellar hardware offering from Samsung, Google, Sony and HTC. Say you have an iPod, and you are a book person who deems the audiobook is a nice alternative for real books while driving or mowing the lawn. When you get your paws on an android tablet and the next step is to put all your favorite audiobooks you purchased from iTunes store on your android tablet, then disappointed. You will be informed that iTunes audiobooks are not playable on android tablet no matter a Nexuus 7, KindleFire HD, Galaxy Tab 3. What to do? How to play iTunes audiobook on android tablet? Audiobooks from iTunes store are digital audio files with m4b file extension, incorporated with DRM system to prevent unauthorized use. By far the authorized use of an iTunes audiobook you paid for is limited to iPod, iPhone, iPad and up to five computers. To transfer and play iTunes audiobooks on android tablet, the m4b file needs to be converted to android tablet supported file format. How to convert iTunes audiobook to android tablet15% Off Coupon Code : NEW-41V7-IPAD
  1. Download DRM media converter, designed to strip DRM protection and transcoding. DRM media converter will handle the m4b DRM protected file handsomely and convert the iTunes audiobook m4b file to android supported file format.
  2. After download is completed, install and launch DRM media converter
  3. Import the iTunes files to DRM media converter and set the output file format. android phones and tablets like Samsung galaxy note, Google nexus, lg optimus, Sony Xperia are all very capable media players. So the choices here are plenty. Overall mp3 is good for its popularity and ability to keep the file size down.
  4. Convert iTunes audiobook to mp3
  5. Transcoding will take a little time, after all the files are converted to mp3, drag the files to your android via USB.
So, here you go. The iTunes audiobooks are converted to android supported file format. If you have iTunes music published before 2009 (seems ages ago?), you can also use DRM media converter to remove the DRM protection. Same go with iTunes movies.  
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