Saturday comes, you are pumped up, you get there early, hit a few balls, have a few chips and a few putts and are ready for battle. You get on the first tee - quietly confident and just know you're going to bomb this down the middle. Smooth take-away and you lash into the ball.....Oh no it's another one of those push slices that have been creeping into your game ever since you were cut one shot with taylormade rocketballz irons . What has happened? And so the game progresses. Some awful shots, some good ones but all inconsistent. You lose the bet. What to do? I mean obviously pay your bet, but what are you going to do about your golf? Well here's a tip. Instead of trying to smash the ball at optimum power 100% of the time take a bit of time to reflect. At maximum effort, or put another way, by trying to get the maximum distance and accuracy out of your taylormade rbz irons , what percentage of the time are you likely to be successful? Now before you lie take a look at the stats of the pros. I watch every week and even the winners are not hitting every fairway or every green in regulation. So if those boys are successful between 50% and 80% of the time why do we think we can do better? It's their job, they do it 24/7 and they have slightly better swings than this writer anyway. And here's a big secret which Tiger revealed recently: he swings at 80% capacity most of the time. I mean look at these guys at The Open (Carnoustie 2007), most of them took more irons off the tee than they did driver. Why? For accuracy and position. So where am I going with this? Quite simply learn to play within yourself and keep the ball in play more often. After all a short drive on the fairway is far better than a long shot into the rough.
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