The popularity of golf is gradually increasing day by day. The sport which originated in Scotland has now been played in almost all nations of the world. Beautiful golf courses are now prepared on the lush green firms, coastal areas, plains and even in sandy regions. The game has always been known for its class and taste. The players of the game generally belong to the elite class. Though the game was known to be a popular pastime for the rich but now days it has become a driving sporting event with callaway diablo edge irons for many golf enthusiasts. Especially due to the contribution made by stalwarts like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson the game has earned its popularity among young affluent men. The game requires high level of concentration and consistency. Though the format of the game might apparently seen to be quite simple but the techniques of playing it with perfection is quite challenging. The standards attained by Woods are regarded as unreachable. There are many other famous golfers who have achieved a great level of perfection in the game and inspire millions of youngsters for playing the game with diablo edge irons . Phil Mickelson with his 18 years of experience is often ranked number 2 while other golfers like Danny Lee and Ryo Ishikawa has contributed to the popularity of golf among the youths to a great extent. In America about 500 new golf courses are opened every year due to the youth's increasing interest in the game. The game is primarily a spectator game and its aura attracts people who even do not know how to play the game. The unique terms and conditions of the game with taylormade rocketbladez irons , its quality accessories and above all the sprawling green golf course add to the elegance of the game. Since the game is mainly popular among rich, statistical estimation done in 1998 by the National Golf Foundation showed that golf with rocketbladez irons is played by individuals having $68,209 as their average annual income whereas $51,855 as the average income generated by a US household. The game requires the player to be composed and patient. Honorable men strive to develop their sporting skills while playing and the gentleness of the game has ensured no interference of referee unlike in other sports.
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