Ralph Lauren Outlet Pink Molly Lighted Cruiser Bike Flexible waterproof LED light strips. You can get these from mnhdfjgh http://shock-wave.co.uk 12V battery. With just the LED strip you can have any of 7 solid colors. if you add a controller you can do tons of changing patterns. Search ebay (or google) for rgb led strip controller and you will find lots of them. Ralph Lauren Factory Store Under seat bike bag to hold the battery Mens Ralph Lauren Polo 4x22 gauge stranded wire, about 15 feet. double side foam tape (only a little if your strips already gkocvbdfjgodfjg7 have a sticky backing. otherwise you need enough for the length of strip you have) Good basic idea. But the strips inside fenders? Not so much I think. They are not practical (they get dirty for sure) and light effect is questionable. Better idea would be run strips inside rims and use brush contact from motor to juice them. I can see that you have instaled monkey lights. I won 1pc here and me and my friends like it very much (I just need to get second piece to balance my wheel and get better effect at lower speeds).  
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