What is a golf slice, you may ask? Well, a golf slice is a common mistake while playing golf. This happens when the ball ends up in an unintentional trajectory that is completely opposite of what is expected. There is also a mistake called a "fade", this is just a less extreme version of a slice.   A golf ball may go to the left or to the right by hitting a specific part of it. A slice with discount golf clubs usually ends on the right of the target. Drives that slice a shot are more likely to go farther off the course and makes recovery really hard. So, correcting this mistake is crucial to any golfer.   The first thing one could check to fix a slice is by assessing a golfer's grip. A weak grip can cause the club face to open on impact. For lefties, start by turning your grip to the right; however, the exact opposite goes for righties, and this will, in turn, give you a stronger grip. Take note that a stronger grip doesn't necessarily mean to hold the taylormade r11 irons tightly. Only hold it tight enough to keep your control. Tension is not a good idea when playing golf, so don't hold it tightly.   When correcting a slice, swing tempo is very important. Golfers often have the tendency to use their arms as power source to get a few extra yards. However, once they get to backswing, they change the power source by using their hands to take over and lead the downswing. Hence makes the club face very open.   A swing with taylormade rocketballz irons must be smooth and relax from start to finish. You must let your hips do the job. Let it start the downswing and surely everything else will follow.   Now, you've just learned how to correct your slice. Keep in mind that even if common, a slice can still be corrected by practicing.
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