When importing the Sony MXF files for playing back or editing, you probably will get an error message. Here I would like to share with you a video trans-coding tool to help you solve the problem – the Sony MXF Video Converter, which can be used as a MXF video converter as well. In order to edit or play such Sony MXF files with professional video editing programs and media player, you will need to convert Sony MXF files to a format editalbe and playable by your media devices or editors. With this application you can convert Sony MXF to Apple ProRes, DVCPRO HD, HDV, Avid DNxHD, and Apple InterMediate Codec (AIC) and various other video formats easily. Audio track can be extracted for collection too. You may download the trial version of the Sony MXF Video Converter (Windows Version | Mac version) and give it a shoot. There is not any time limitation, but please note that the trial converts video with a logo watermark on the screen. Now please refer to the following guide how to convert Sony MXF on Windows/Mac with MXF Video Converter. Step 1. Import Sony MXF to the powerful MXF Video Converter. Run the best Sony MXF Video Converter, click “Add” button and browse to the Sony MXF files you’d like to convert. When the Sony MXF files are loaded to the program, you can view the videos from the MXF Video Converter Preview window. Step 2. Select output format from Sony MXF Video Converter. The Sony MXF Converter is capable of converting Sony/Panasonic/Canon MXF to MOV, MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI and various other optimized formats for portable devices. Since we are converting Sony MXF video, what you need is to click on the “Format” bar and select desired format from the profile list. Sony MXF Video Converter provides formats with different codec. You may also customize video and audio parameters in Settings panel. Step 3: Adjust video and audio parameters. The Sony MXF Video Converter allows users clicking “Settings” button to adjust video and audio parameters before creating a format from Sony MXF, so as to optimize the output file quality. The adjustable settings include codec, aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, and audio channel. Step 4. Start converting Sony MXF on Windows/Mac. Click “Convert” to start converting Sony MXF to other format when everything’s ready. The Sony MXF Video Converter supports batch conversion so you may load multiple Sony MXF files and convert them to different formats at one time. You may also merge them to one file by checking the box “Merge into one file” before conversion starts. After conversion you may click “Open” button to find generated files and use them freely.  
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