Stanley, like Garrigus, went to his first win PGA Tour. Both grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Both are in the top class of power players 913 d3 driver . The similarity ends. Stanley, who grew up in the Seattle area, was All-American at Clemson who played in the Walker Cup. He is in his second full season on the PGA Tour, so naturally skilled and polished that his long-term prospects are better than some of the rookies who won last year. Garrigus, from Oregon, no classes to receive a major scholarship offer. He spent two years in Junior College before hitting the mini-tours. Then his career was nearly derailed with drug and alcohol addiction that put him in the 30-day clinic. It is still an open book that reads like a comedy, given its samounychyzhytelno sense of humor. ( 913 d3 ) `` It was much easier for me,'' Garrigus said. `` I think the person I made it easier to deal with. It's just golf. I do not know if he thinks differently. I want to reach out and talk to him. I do not know if he wants to hear what I have to say I do not care. He's a good guy and I do not want him shook up over it.'' Stanley seems to be well on its way. His family was with him on Sunday night, along with a close friend and his agent. He was able to eat. The sun rose the next day. He just signed up for Twitter a few months ago and took about 4,000 followers in 24 hours, those who felt bad for him and was impressed that he spoke with him 913 d3 driver  in defeat. He received a text message from Steve Stricker, who beat Stanley with a birdie-birdie finish in the John Deere Classic last summer, and from Gonzaga basketball coach Mark a bit, which he does not even know personally. `` That's why I thought it was so cool,'' said Stanley. `` I watched Gonzaga to play basketball when I was about 3 feet tall. I live and die with every game they play 913 d3 . I try not to miss any of them. Yes, that was real special to hear from him.'' Other reports, including a telephone conversation with Zach Johnson, were equally significant. In the end, anyway. `` I know I can not believe on Sunday night or even Monday morning, but it just kept telling me I'll be much stronger than him, and I agree with. I will do it.'' Garrigus back from crisis Memphis, winning the final round of the PGA event of the year at Disney. Stanley recalls watching the collapse of Rory McIlroy at the Masters last year - and how kindly he faced the press after the 80 -. Quickly and said that McIlroy was a champion of the U.S. Open two months later ( 913 d3 driver )
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