There are 6 basic steps in the golf swing that each golfer should be aware prior to the golf shot. Step number 1 is body alignment relative to the target. Start by standing 2 to 3 yards behind the golf ball, with your body and the ball forming a straight line to the target. Pick out a guiding target directly behind and directly in front of the golf ball that is in the line your body and the golf make toward the target. These targets could be anything on the ground inches in front and behind the golf ball like leaves, grass, and a broken tee, whatever. Focus on these ground targets that fall on the line you picked out to the target as you approach the golf ball with the RAZR Hawk Driver . Align the club face behind the ball, with the center of the club face on a direct line between the two ground targets you have selected. Grip the club with just enough tension to keep it from slipping in your hands throughout the course of the golf swing with the Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver . Align your feet on a parallel plane with your ground targets, shoulder width apart, and the knees slightly bent. The front foot should be pointed slightly outward, toward the target, to allow your hips to flow freely through the swing. Your upper body should tilt a bit toward the ball while keeping good posture. Your arms should hang loosely in front of your body to loosely grip your 913 d3 driver . Your shoulders should line up parallel with the golf ball to target line and your toes. Your head should tilt down with your eyes on the back of the golf ball where you want the club head to impact it. This part of the golf swing is known as the setup or addressing the ball. This element of the golf swing is the back swing or takes away. Your back elbow should remain closely tucked to your ribs as you slowly take the golf club back. The golf club should remain on a straight line along the plane of your alignment toward the target on the ground. The front arm should remain straight throughout this part of the swing and always keep your eye on the back of the golf ball where you want the club face of your fabulous 913 d3 to impact the ball. This back swing motion should instinctively place your chin into your front shoulder. Your hips should stay still and tilted a bit, while your front knee will turn in. At the top of your back swing, your wrists should cock a little. This allows for a more powerful down swing and more distance on your golf shot.
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