It only takes a split second, but the transition from the backswing to the downswing is one of most important aspects of the golf swing plane and the golf swing as a whole. The transfer will not only test if you are still on the correct plane, but it also includes a weight distribution shift and a change in speed as the Cheap Golf Clubs starts coming back down to the ball. Like in all sports, a timely weight transfer is one of the ingredients to an effective golf game. The moment when a golfer makes the transition from backswing to downswing includes a pivotal weight shift from the back to the front foot, creating more power and momentum at impact. For players, one of the most difficult parts of this transition is getting the body and the Cheap Golf Clubs to move together downward toward the ball while staying on their swing plane. This is because the downswing usually incorporates more speed. With the change in tempo and with the weight shift, it's easy to get off the desired plane, causing a more wild and inaccurate downswing. The timing is the real key to this transition. All the body movements have to be in sync during the start of the downswing. The hips should rotate through, guiding the arms and the club with them. The wrists should then rotate, squaring the club face with the ball at impact, resulting in straight, powerful shots. The transition from backswing to downswing is the make-or-break moment during the golf swing with Cheap Golf Clubs. If executed correctly, golfers can expect more distance and more accuracy, but one hiccup could turn a fundamentally sound backswing into a disaster. The only way to perfect this move is with practice. After enough practice, your body will learn how to move in rhythm and be able to correct a flawed backswing by adjusting during the transition at the precise moment to ensure solid ball striking at impact. Concentrate on making it as smooth and fluid as possible. This will help you stay on target and stay within an acceptable swing plane. For many, transitions are never easy, but perfecting this one will help you shoot low scores and improve your confidence as a player.
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