very heavy for the cleaning area multi-function wipe machine: the task is very heavy for the cleaning area, it is recommended to use multi-function wipe machine for cleaning, cleaning in a step to complete the floor scrub and sewage collection. you can use the brush and cleaning pad to complete the cleaning work. usually use beige / red cleaning pad. various sizes of power-driven or battery-driven wipers, as well as wipers with brushes, can be used. third, pvc floor cleaning precautions should be promptly removed all kinds of dirt on the ground. 2. it is absolutely forbidden to soak the floor in the clear water. although some ground is cut off by water-proof glue (such as floor drain, water room etc.), it will seriously affect the service life of the floor. washing process in time with the suction machine to dry sewage. 3. for more flow, wear a larger place should shorten the maintenance cycle, increase the number of high-strength wax waxing. 4. never use hard, rough cleaning tools (such as steel balls, scouring pad, etc.), to prevent sharp objects hit the elastic floor. *** *** *** ***
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