Learning how to fix a golf slice is not rocket science. It doesn't have to involve hours on the range, filled with complex and awkward drills. You don't have to keep letting your ugly slice litter your scorecard with double and triple bogeys, along with wasting you time and money searching for golf balls that you sliced into the woods and the rough. If you truly want to learn how to fix a golf slice, then pay close attention to this article, and you will be one step closer to having that reputation for nailing the shots down the center of the fairway. 1) The first "secret": Don't try to KILL the ball. Trying to kill the ball on a golf shot is just asking for a nice, off-target, miserable slice. But how can you not kill the ball? I mean it's kind of a habit. It was very hard for me to learn how to swing nice and easy, but one way that I learned how to swing smoothly was to grip the discount golf clubs lightly, just enough to where the club would not fly out of my hands. This did wonders for my swing. Not only was I more consistent, but I came closer to fixing my golf slice. Also, on the range I would just pretend like I was trying to hit the ball only 100 yards or so, and, actually, I would end up hitting the ball further than when I would try to kill it. 2) The next "secret" is: play the ball more forward in your stance. Before, when I was slicing the ball so bad that I lost 12 balls on the first 3 holes one time (true story), I played the ball in the middle of my stance on every shot. This not only took power away from my shots, it also took away the possibility for my shots to fly straight. Now, sometimes it is OK to play the ball in the middle of your stance, but by playing the ball more forward in your stance, you are making it harder for yourself to swing on an outside-to-inside swing path, the recipe for a round full of slicing with discount golf clubs. Also, try to add a little bit more weight to your back foot, as this can help you fix your slice. And make sure you hold your follow through until the ball hits the ground or else you will never learn how to fix a golf slice for good.
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