Maybe you've been playing golf for a few years, even had a few lessons. You're actually not pretty bad, it's just that your slice is holding you back and you can barely drive 150 yards. Normally, the best advice is to keep at it, keep practising and eventually you can correct your golf swing so that the club face of cheap golf clubs will impact squarely. But in recent times, anti slice clubs have been made available which will correct your swing for you. Although some purists will call them ugly, ultimately they help you to correct your swing with cheap golf clubs and make that square impact that you've been looking for. The drivers are particularly popular because you stand to gain the most with them compared to the irons. Like I said, some purists will scoff at these clubs. They do have a point. For instance, if you're a slicer and you buy a couple of these anti slice clubs then you will swing longer and more straight. But the minute that you switch back to your other clubs then you will still have the same problem.
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