There are steps you can take to achieve your best golf swing. First, your goal is to find your natural swing, what I mean by that is don't put forth any effort when hitting the ball. When your mind and body are in sync your swing will be as simple as closing your eyes. To find your natural power start by trying to keep your hands "soft" throughout the swing with cheap golf clubs, leave the club at the top of your backswing for as long as you possibly can. "Soft hands" is keeping your muscles supple from your elbows through your fingers, trying this will promote a quicker and snappier release through impact of the clubface and the ball. By leaving the club at the top, it will feel much more natural. When you get your body set at the top of your back-swing and make sure you keep the club at the top, this will allow you to begin the downswing with your thigh and leg muscles, which are much larger and more powerful than your hands. By driving the downswing with the body instead of with just your hands, you can create some serious lag. It will release when your club head comes in contact with the ball. These two methods will help you see that effortless swings with cheap golf clubs are the secret to more distance. People generally make the mistake of seeing the target and feeling that they have to use more strength to achieve the distance, which in turn makes you feel like you have to use more muscle, this is a misconception. Trying too hard can cause a lot of discouragement. Golf could then easily become more of a chore than a game that is played for enjoyment. They may start to wonder at this point, why they even started the game to begin with. Golf is meant to be relaxing, and when it is played right, it is great for you, physically and mentally. If a person could just close their eyes and just swing they could understand why golf is such an enjoyment.
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