Of course, Deron Williams?physique looks more round than swift. But if youever seen a Jazz fast break, you know the 23-year old point guard is anything but slow. hough a definite below-the-rim player, Deron packs a diverse offensive game that can net him Nike Air Max 1 two points with a floater or three with a near-bench bomb. He has a quick first step and speed that seems to increase past mid-court. When a defender sees Deron gunning toward  with that high yet controlled dribble - almost like the rock is a handball (a la D-time favorite player, Jason Kidd) - they donknow whether to defend the trey, the drive or the pass. deceptive works to my advantage because guys think they can press me a little more and then I blow by them. I like to push the ball big strength of my game.?br /- Deron WilliamsActually, Deron Williams was the big surprise of the Chicago pre-draft camp in 2005. The Illinois point guard finished 10th out of 80 players, ahead of top prospects like Chris Paul (16th) and Raymond Felton (18th).In case you wonder what the pre-draft camp is about ?therea combine that measures four key areas: 1) strength (bench press repetitions of 185 pounds), 2) vertical jump3) lane agility (how fast a player moves laterally around the key)4) speed (court sprint) In the forefront of the camp there have been major questions about Deron Williams?lateral quickness, but he actually tested quicker than Paul (!) in the lane agility drill and finished .03 seconds behind Paul in the sprint. Williams has lost about 15 pounds and is down to 7 % percent body fat, which obviously has helped his athleticism.Here are the complete results for the 3 point guards:(Name, Bench press,Vertical jump, Nike Air Max UK Lane Agility,Court Sprint,Overall Rank)Deron Williams, 15, 35", 10.83, 3.25, 10Chris Paul, 10, 38", 11.09, 3.22, 16Raymond Felton, 6, 33", 10.50, 3.06, 18As you can see, Deron Williams has a 35-inch vertical ?Lo and behold!But what can YOU do to improve your vertical?Well, the combination of weight and jump training may be the most effective Cheap Nike Air Max 1 ever:If you are already fit enough, your legs are already quite strong, you can do these weight exercises Nike Air Max Sale 2 times a week (i.e. Mondays and Thursdays):1. Squats - 3 sets x 103. Leg Presses - 3 sets x 104. Leg Extensions - 2 sets x 205. Lunges - 3 sets x 10 In addition you can try these jump exercises (also 2 times a week, i.e. Tuesdays and Fridays):1. Squat Jumps - 2 sets x 752. Chair Jumps - 2 sets x 303. Depth Jumps - 2 sets x 154. Box Jumps - 2 sets x 20For more exercises and crucial things to know about vertical jump (f.e. why often what you do is more important then what you ) please take a look at this page I strongly recommend:www.howtodunk.org  
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