Let's just start by ensuring that everyone is clear on what causes a golf swing slice. A golf ball can slice to the right when it is curving in a left-right motion. So, how can one diagnose and fix a slice with rocketballz irons ? A slice is a very common mistake on a course. It is not that easy to fix because that would entail assessing your swing and practicing the correct way of doing it. Now, in order to assess your own skills, here are just some information to take a note of. First, take note of your grip. This has nothing to do with the direction of the swing with taylormade rbz irons but basically revolves around how and where the clubface looks at on impact. A grip can vary from one individual to another. A grip that can produce a perfectly straight shot for one player doesn't necessarily mean that it will do the exact same thing for another. So, here's the general rule when it comes to grip. In your stance, while holding your clubface square to the ball, you should be able to see at least two knuckles of your left hand when you look down. Second, assess your stance. Just make sure that your body - feet, knees, hips and shoulders- are parallel to the of the taylormade rbz driver on the ground. Checking your grip and your stance can often fix this simple problem even without changing your hitting motion at all. Third, assess your backswing. There are a lot of backswing issues that can affect your impact and ends you up in a slice with rbz driver . For slicing, the two problems might be a backswing going too high up or a clockwise twisting of the shaft, or maybe even both. Lastly, your downswing. To begin your downswing, always make sure you start down without any sudden movement. Your full swing must come in a very natural movement so as not to cause any change in the force that will hit the ball. This must be done with a soft wrist and should not be a forced motion by the hand. These are general tips on improving and fixing your slice. But yet again, no amount of reading will help you get better without any type of practice. Just continue working on it and learn from the best teacher there is in golf - the golf ball. It's flight will give you a good idea of what your swing is doing.
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