Contrary to what most people believe, about 85% of the power in your swing comes from your hips, just as it does in a baseball swing, a boxing punch, a tennis swing, and just about any other contact sport. Turning your hips faster during your swing will dramatically increase the length of your drives and iron shots. One of the most prominent examples of a professional golfer taking huge advantage of a fast, powerful hip rotation is Tiger Woods. His hips move so fast throughout his swing with taylormade burner plus irons they are almost a blur. To take advantage of this, you should ensure your hips follow the correct motions as to extend the plane of your swing with burner plus irons in such a way that the swing is one big, fluid motion. During the down swing with mp 59 irons , your shoulders should be rotating about 90 degrees from your starting position and your hips should rotate about 45 degrees. If you exceed the 45 degrees or 90 degrees, your body will naturally open the clubface, leading to an extreme slice with mizuno mp 59 irons (since all of the power is now focused on slicing the ball instead of hitting it further). As you swing through the downswing, you should be focusing on gradually increasing the speed of your hip rotation until it is its fastest at the bottom of the swing, and continues throughout the follow-through.
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