When you're at address, how your clubshaft is angled is considered the plane of your golf swing. Each golfer has their own unique angle. If you're like me, you hold your hands a little lower at address, so this angle looks lower. There are several drills you can do to improve your swing plane. If you drew a line directly behind the ball, going straight back, this is a critical reference point when you get to halfway back. At this point, the butt end of your Cheap Golf Clubs should be pointing directly at that line. It can be slightly above or slightly below, but as close to the line as possible. Now, when you come halfway down, you should be again point at that line with the butt of your club. These 2 checkpoints are critical to helping you get and stay on plane in your swing. This drill is the most common and popular drill to improve your ball striking with Cheap Golf Clubs, so do it regularly and you'll soon be flushing your golf ball. There is a lot of talk about "one plane", "two plane" and other swings, but that is not as important as doing the above mentioned training drill. There are even books out there on this specific topic like the Plane Truth by Jim Hardy. A good book, that will help you get a better understanding of what you need to do to hit the ball better and more accurately with Cheap Golf Clubs. I hope after reading this article, you start to pay more attention to your golf swing plane, and do the drill mentioned. There are many other facets of golf swing improvement that may be very important as you progress, but this one is a staple you'll need to stay on top of if you want to hit the ball long, straight, and consistently.
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