If Tour players are having swing problems they'll have their coach fly halfway across the world just to tell them they're coming over the top. They have all of the worlds knowledge on golf at their finger tips for use at a single moments notice. It's no wonder they are so good now a days! However, the biggest secret they have that most amateurs don't know how about, is how you learn new skills. Once you know how you learn new skills, you can take advantage of that, and maximize your practice time with Cheap Golf Clubs. Cognitive phase is where you constantly have to think about the movement you are doing. Requires conscious thoughts constantly. Secondly, the intermediate phase is where you almost have a grasp of what you're doing, but you still have to think consciously about it sometimes. The Third phase is autonomous which is where you don't have to think about your movements at all. However, the autonomous stage, is also where you learn the least while performing a skill with Cheap Golf Clubs . This is because you are not constantly thinking about it, you are just rehearsing the movements. The secret pros know, is that you have to stay in the cognitive phase if you want to become the best you can be. For example, let's say you are working on your chipping. You've been practicing getting it inside a 10 foot circle every time. You can do that now, no problem. So when you practice with Cheap Golf Clubs, you fly through it every time. You are good at getting it inside the 10 foot circle. You don't even think about it. However, you have also hit a plateau. You aren't getting better. This is because you aren't thinking about it anymore. To counteract this, you start practicing getting it inside a 7 foot circle every time. This will force you to go back to the cognitive phase where you are consciously thinking about improving. So if you can transfer this knowledge into how you practice, you are going to have no problem becoming efficient at the short game.
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