Decide the format of the match play. Determine if players will be playing one on one, in twosomes or in teams of four or more. Designate whether the play will be for 18 holes or over 36 or 72 holes. A one-day tournament of singles is simple. Pair the players by handicap or by drawing names randomly out of a hat. A two-day tournament with single's matches, twosomes, and foursomes all part of the tournament is more complicated and takes some strategy. For example, the captain of a team of 12 golfers, may have to match players to participate in eight single's matches, two twosomes and four fourball matches. In recreational match play with discount golf clubs, the match is won when one player, or team, is ahead by more points than there are holes left. A putt may be conceded at the other team's or player's discretion. In more competitive tournaments, or with tournaments that have single matches as well as team matches as part of the event, every point is important for the total outcome, so the matches are played through all 18 holes. Pair aggressive players against aggressive players. Match play rewards risks with discount golf clubs . The player, or team, who takes the lead early, has a greater chance of winning. In twosomes or foursomes, at least one of the team should be aggressive with strong driving abilities. Assign one player with a strong short game with discount golf clubs to each team. Getting to the green in the least amount of strokes is important. However, brilliant putting can win the hole. Rank the players by their handicaps. Give each player a rank, or seed, based on that handicap. The lowest handicap would have the number one seed, the highest handicap would have the last seed. If 32 players were competing there would be 32 seed positions from 1 through 32. Assign the highest ranked seed player to play against the lowest seed. So the first seed player would play against the 32 seed, the second seed player would play against the 31 seed, the third seed against the 30 seed player, the 15th and 16th seeded players would compete against each other.
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