If you are like me you will have ask the question "How To Correct a Slice?" a few times on the green. The golf swing slice is one of the most common faults a golfer can do. It took me 6 months to stop slicing the ball. But why such a long time? Well, I struggled to find the right solutions to my problem. How can you solve this problem quicker than me. I can give you some tips to not end up in a 6 months frustration period. Trust me I know what I am talking about. The first tip I want to give you is to practice with 712 cb irons . Stay focused and practice as much as you can. Golf is a difficult sport with a lot of complex movements. Even the pros have to practice every day to keep their level. Ask Tiger Woods how he is correcting his slice. The simple answer a good training routine on a regular basis. Okay, now you think what is he talking about? I know I have to practice with titleist 712 cb irons . Well, this is the fundamental point I have to mention here. The next step is a good training. A easy to implement tip is to have a look at your weight transfer while you are swinging. This is the key to maximize power and distance with titleist ap1 712 . During your backswing keep your weight distributed between the lead and trailing foot. Do not speed up here. Just slow movements. Now, your downswing has to speed up to maximize power. Your weight should be transfer onto the front foot. If done right you would hit the ball straight and in a good length with titleist ap1 irons review . To correct your slice you have to be in shape. Otherwise you will have a hard time to implement the right golf swing technique.
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