What if you could add amazing powerful distance to your swing, do you think you would be interested? The simple answer is "yes" you would... but behind it all there is that nagging thought - that it's just not possible. The fact is that it is possible, no matter how big or small you are. To do it you need to focus on the fundamentals and simplify your swing.   Stop sweating the details in an endless pursuit of perfection. Instead take the effort out of your swing, simplify it, such that when you step up the ball there is no doubt in your mind that you can execute the shot with 712 cb irons with both accuracy and distance.   Forget about the Pro's and instead uncover the fundamentals that can deliver powerful results. Remember that no two individuals will approach each shot the same way, nor will two pro's, your swing will be unique to you. So you do not need to copy the "big shots" you just need to understand that the most important part of the swing withtitleist 712 cb irons is the "impact zone". That is the only thought that should enter your mind as you set out on your quest to simplify your swing and get mind blowing results.   Lets talk about the fundamentals because after all that is what you need to focus on. The first is "set up" getting yourself in position to get the club face right at impact. Rather than sweating the details, just keep one thing in mind when it comes to any swing with titleist ap1 712.... and that is the "impact zone". The thirty six inches before and after the ball. Eighteen inches before and eighteen inches after for a total of 36.   The next is your spine angle, getting your posture correct for near perfect balance. The next is to focus on your spine as the "axis point", this will be central to your body around which everything will rotate.   Last but not least is to let the club do the work, to explain that, let the weight of thetitleist ap1 irons review cock your wrists naturally, let the club naturally rotate around the axis without effort. Then let your body naturally turn into the shot where the club will naturally fall into the impact zone.   To conclude, stay focused on the fundamentals and let your swing naturally develop, by keeping it simple, rather than trying to "perfect it". Before you know it your swing will harness tremendous power that will produce explosive distance.
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