Golf involves both physical and mental skills, and you need to get the two of them working smoothly together. If you spend some time improving the way you think about golf, then you'll notice that your game starts to improve and your score drops. Attitude is extremely important in golf, so you need to work at making sure your attitude is right. This will pay off by helping to become a better player. It's good to spend some time practicing your putting with cheap golf clubs. You don't need to be at a golf course to practice putting, you can do it in your spare time at home. Practice will help you develop confidence in your ability to control the putter, and in return you'll have better control over the ball. This skill is one that will make a big difference to your golf game and your scores. If possible, play at the same golf course consistently. Knowing a course can make a big difference to your game, because you're more confident about the general layout and the feel of the individual greens. It's easier to putt well when you know the green. Also, use the cheap golf clubs each time. The more familiar you are with your equipment, the easier it is to get your swing right and hit the ball correctly. It can be hard, but be willing to listen to advice or even criticism, particularly from more experienced golfers. Sometimes you might need to grit your teeth a little, but remember, the best way to learn is from someone who plays better than you. Listen to what they have to say, and give some of their ideas a go. You might be surprised and discover they're right. If it helps you improve your golf, take their advice.
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