Read on for five little tips to up your game. 1; Buy some comfortable golf shoes. I cannot stress the importance of this too much. Sore feet are the worst and a discomfort like this will surely ruin your round. Wear two pairs of socks to avoid blisters and keep your tootsies dry and fresh. 2; Drink water. Even on the coolest days the exertion of playing taylormade burner plus irons , humping your bag and walking from tee to green will dehydrate you, sapping your energy and leaving you open to poor performance. Drink at least a liter of liquid during your round. 3; Walk as though you own the place, it is well attested that a confident upright stance will help your burner plus irons . Walking tall will allow you to breathe properly, expanding your chest but will also make you more alert and feel more confident. Even the illusion of confidence will make you feel confident, sounds ridiculous I know but it works. Try it. 4; if you hit a good shot with mp 59 irons , a rocketing drive straight down the fairway, a chip shot sixty yards to the pin or a forty foot putt, enjoy it, commit it to memory, remember it. If you duff your drive, spin the chip into the cabbage or miss a two foot tap in, FORGET IT. 5; Win or lose, always shake your playing mizuno mp 59 irons partners hand and congratulate or commiserate as appropriate. No-one likes a bad loser. No-one likes a cocky winner; remember it is really only yourself you have to beat.
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