I have noticed in the manufacturer's materials that 'compression' is making a comeback though, and may yet be the next place where competitive advantage is battled out between manufacturers. Most of the big golf ball manufacturers have started to talk in terms of feel and softness as they make advances in the materials that they use in the core of the golf ball from rbz driver for sale online shop. They seem to be finding ways to make the core contribute, with the cover, to a much softer feel, indeed lower compression; while at the same time ensuring the mantle and core work together to allow maximum energy transfer to the golf ball with taylormade rocketballz driver . Remember the premium golf balls will also be reacting differently to your Driver than they would with your #7 Iron from g15 driver for sale online shop courtesy of the mantle. It is important to have a good spin rate off your approach shots, allowing you to target the pin, while actually lowering spin rate off the g15 driver to maximize carry and roll. There has been such significant progress with golf balls over the last 9 months that I would give serious consideration to trailing the new releases that are on the market. Srixon golf balls have a patented large, soft 'Energetic Gradient Growth Core'. That means the center is softer, with the core becoming firmer the closer it gets to the outer layer of the golf ball. This design allows the ball to have a much softer feel off the club face while at the same time working to maximize the energy transfer off the club face to the golf ball, to create maximum distance.
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